How is Holland Coping with Change?

Darby Paddock and Alexis Lecznar


C3 Framework


Essential Questions

How do individuals create and drive change?

How can communities and safety departments, such as the police, build positive relationships?

How do individuals and a community commit to the value of diversity?

While watching the video:  Pause video at ______

Imagine you are the superintendent of Holland Public Schools. Brainstorm a list of possible solutions for the problems that have been addressed.


Continue video, having students check off any of their solutions they created with solutions mentioned in the video.


After viewing the video have students create a mind map surrounding the question:

What are the problems that Holland Public Schools faced/is facing in regards to increasing immigration problems?


What are issues you see within your own school? If you ruled the school, what would the solutions be?

In this lesson, students will have the choice between two different options. Both options are centered around the idea of civic action.


Identify an issue that needs to be addressed within your school or committee

Come up with a committee that would help address the above problem

Create a SMART goal for you committee (Includes a plan of action for committee)

Design a flyer, social media post (image and message), or create a video showcasing your diversity committee and the goals of the committee.

Identify an issue that needs to be address without your school

Create a solution for that issue and a SMART goal to make that solution become a reality

Write a professional proposal to the superintendent stating your case in regards to the issue and proposed solution.